The Early Childhood Center believes that children are active and curious by nature and will become engaged learners in the realm they know best – the hands-on world of play. We believe there is a critical link between a child’s early experiences, the development of a love for learning, and their later success in life. We strongly affirm that children, families, and society all benefit from enriched and high-quality early childhood programs.

That is why we offer a program that provides a child with the ability to learn through play with many opportunities for socialization and intellectual growth. We feel it is important to provide activities for social growth, positive self-image and the development of school readiness skills, which can lead to future academic success.

Art, music, stories and physical play are important pathways for our curriculum. We provide developmentally appropriate activities, which are geared to each child’s individual abilities and their unique learning styles and needs. We strive to create a classroom environment that feels safe and comforting and that will promote self-discovery and exploration. The staff is here to stimulate, support and nurture each child as they grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

We recognize that a unique family is at the center of each child’s life and those parents and caregivers are the child’s first and foremost teachers. We strive to work with parents to find the best way to advance their child’s emerging potential. We want to help children value their own and their families uniqueness and to appreciate and celebrate the differences among other people. We aspire to have children leave our school with the skills and disposition to be enthusiastic life-long learners and positive, resourceful members of a community.