Ms. Nichol


The ECC Kindergarten program’s model is play-based as well as academic. The small class size allows for more individualized instruction, so the need of each child is met. Our kindergarten day begins with a “morning meeting” to build confidence and class room community. The rest of the day consists of reading, language arts (phonics/phonemic awareness, grammar, and Writer’s Workshop), math, science, and social studies. The students also go to centers daily where they have access to blocks, dramatic play, science, STEM, art, and library/listening center. They have Spanish three times per week and art and music classes twice per week. They go to the playground daily for 30-45 minutes.

At ECC we take pride in our program being developmentally appropriate; allowing for many opportunities throughout the day for the students to move around the classroom, as a result the children are more engaged when learning. It is our belief that building confidence in students is a key component to lifelong academic success; therefore, we focus on the social, emotional and academic development of the whole child. We follow the Florida Department of Education’s standards and benchmarks to ensure that the students will be prepared for first grade; whether that be in a private or public-school setting.

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ECC Brochure Created by Kindergarten Alum