Lauren Faith Dawson is a fine artist who explores themes of biology, femininity and motherhood via painting, sculpture and multi-media work. Her work is included in many private collections around the US. She is currently represented by the Roaring Artist Gallery.

Growing up in a family of strong women, Lauren’s great aunt encouraged her to take art lessons and follow her creative pursuits. While in college, she remembers creating her first memorable piece: a sculpture of her five mothers with small fabric figures dipped in wax. It was at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas where Lauren began exploring the use of objects to tell a story on canvas. After earning her B.F.A in Sculpture and Photography, she opened her own portrait photography business and ran a successful food blog. Lauren has lived all over the country including Boston, Austin and Philadelphia. She now resides in Miami, FL with her husband, son, and twin daughters. When Lauren is not in her studio creating her own work, she spends her days as an art teacher teaching children who are the ultimate artists.